DEATH IN VR 31.10.2019

Opening of the VR gallery in the foyer of Powszechny Theatre

➤➤➤ when: Thursday, October 31 at 17.00

➤➤➤ where: main foyer of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw (ul. Zamoyskiego 20)

➤➤➤ free admission

The opening program includes presentations of works in the field of virtual reality and video art, lectures, discussions and performance. The gallery will be open in the future from Tuesday to Sunday, between 5 and 7 PM.

Can the virtual reality experience be compared to a psychedelic experience? And can it be synonymous with the phenomenon of ego death? What do we know about the psychological aspects of haptic and virtual technology? How do physical and digital matter interact? What are the forecasts regarding the development and use of the virtual reality medium and how will technologically advanced artistic projects evolve? These are just a few issues we will address during the "Death in VR" meeting. We will also tell about the plans and upcoming activities of the Dream Adoption Society space at Powszechny Theatre.

➤ host: Edwin Bendyk

➤➤➤ Program:

• performance by Polish Shaman

• lecture by Kobas Laksa: "First user experience"

• conversation with artists, researchers of new technologies and journalists: Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Anastasia Vorobiova, Martyna Miller, Edwin Bendyk, Jakub Wróblewski, Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Wiesław Bartkowski and rapper Koza

• "Code matter" - presentation of selected works of Creative Coding students

• presentation of the video work of Martyna Miller

• presentation of VR works:

- Anastasiia Vorobiova: "Samadhi"

- Dream Adoption Society: "Aporia", "Nothing", "Locus Solus"

- Wróblewski, Danowski, Isakov: "Bardo v.07"

- 360 Video: AntiGonna, Kobas Laksa, Aditya Mandayam